solar panels

Buying and installing solar applications can be a tricky business for domestic homeowners.

While the technology is not exactly new across Australian communities, our collective awareness about monitoring and optimising energy use often.

Of all the brands to invest in, the SMA sunny boy inverter remains a market leader.

The German design has been embraced by many homes spanning the country, being the go-to model of choice for metropolitan, suburban and rural centres respectively.

Here we will outline why the SMA brand performs so well and why local constituents are looked after when they install this system for their premises.


Automated Performance Monitoring

There won’t be a single issue that arises during the use of the SMA sunny boy inverter where the system won’t pick up the anomaly automatically. It is one of the central selling points that helps to set the brand apart from its competitors, ensuring that homeowners don’t need to undergo an extensive education to take advantage of the model. 24 hours of the day and 7 days a week the inverter will be assessing and monitoring solar performance for the location without the user having to stress about anything going array.


Versatile Energy Rates

No two homeowners will have the same energy demands for their household. This is where a degree of versatility is necessary and a point of value for the SMA sunny boy inverter brand. From the smallest 1.5kW models to the 2.5kW, 3.0kW, 5.0kW and 6.0kW designs, customers can secure a modern application that meets their own needs without having to pay for extensive energy inverters or settling for small outlets that fall short of domestic demand. Australian homes want choice as much as quality and this is a means of striking the perfect balance between the two requirements.


Tangible Warranty Protection

The Smart Connected applications changes the game and makes the SMA sunny boy inverter a terrific investment opportunity. Rather than having to deal with third party manufacturing representatives who go through an elongated process to correct or diagnose a systems fault, SMA operators already have the data at hand. This is a protective measure that ensures the customer is getting value for money in real time rather than having to wait days or weeks on end before a solution is found. It is great to have a warranty agreement in writing, but it is another benefit altogether to have specialists on the case the moment an issue arises.


Additional System Upgrades

For a SMA sunny boy inverter that was purchased and installed in 2019, there is no reason why this model cannot be upgraded for demands of 2020, 2021 and beyond. Especially when it comes to sourcing storage solutions and energy management provisions, these features can be included at a later date during a system upgrade. That is yet another level of versatility and flexibility that sets the brand apart from the rest.


Data Security Provisions

It might be a matter of oversight for many consumers, but the application of any digital technology does open up the possibility of data and information falling into the wrong hands. With insecure solar inverter systems, this is a danger. The good news is that an investment in the SMA sunny boy inverter removes that issue from the equation. With monitoring on the go through the phone or computer, users will have their data protected under lock and key.


In 2020 the SMA sunny boy inverter remains a market leader because of these inherent features. Customers don’t have to worry about any downtime, replacement services or disruptions when they place their trust and money with these brilliant designs.