When you opt for Long Term Rental, the rental company will ask you to provide several documents.

The documents to be provided may vary, and it is essential to distinguish between the individual, the companies, or the self-employed or self-employed.

For individuals, here are some documents that may be required:

  • Request for prior authorization
  • Bank identification form
  • Proof of identity (identity card, family record book, passport)
  • Last tax notice
  • Recent or previous three payslips
  • Proof of address for less than three months or certificate of accommodation
  • The final statement of a bank account with wages and pensions
  • Certification of kilometric allowance
  • Bank statement mentioning your level of indebtedness

For companies, self-employed or non-salaried workers, here are the documents that can be requested:

  • Identity card of the Manager or the CEO
  • The SIRET number
  • Excerpt K-BIS or Business Register of less than three months
  • Statement of bank identity
  • Details of the accountant
  • Extracts from the balance sheet
  • The number SIREN and the last tax package
  • The Articles of Incorporation

The file may be refused in case of a history of unpaid, over-indebtedness or wrong quotation Banque de France for companies.