online referral

Fortunately there have been great advances in the medical field that has improved the lives of patients across Australia.

One of the roll outs that has been gradual but just as impactful is the inclusion of an online referral, passing on the documentation without the need to book in for a physical appointment.

Although there are certain terms and conditions to this process, it has helped individuals with their ongoing medical needs.


Avoiding The Travel Hassle

As many constituents will know, it can be a genuine hassle having to attend a medical appointment simply by moving from location A to location B. By acquiring an online doctor referral, patients are able to remain at their home, their office or another location that does not necessitate a long walk, bike ride, train journey or drive. This is a key selling point for those users who are based in dense metropolitan regions, with parking spaces coming at a premium and demands of public transport making for a logistical headache.


Convenient Timesaver

Whether it is parents staying at home to look after young ones, contractors on working sites, accountants in the office or travellers driving their way through the countryside, sourcing an online doctor referral is a genuine time saver. In 2019 people are leading busier lives as work and family pressures mount, so the capacity to acquire the referral in real time from the specialist will help citizens to reinvest that time elsewhere.


Keeping Information Confidential

Receiving a referral in this capacity helps to combat one of the common concerns for citizens living with other family members, partners or groups. When sensitive details are sent to participants via regular mail, there is every chance these details can become public should another party want to open the contents of the mail. This direct-to-patient service eliminates that concern by improving confidentiality standards.


Quick Access to Prescriptions & Certificates

For some members of the community, their prescription for their medicine is a genuine lifesaver. Whether it is fighting diabetes through insulin access or asthmatics utilising an updated inhaler, the benefits of acquiring an online doctor referral is paramount to their health and wellbeing. That level of immediacy bypasses many of the hoops that most people would have to have jumped through in years gone past, placing added pressure on their appointment without offering a suitable alternative when engaging their trusted doctor.


Ideal For Personal Documentation/Record Keeping

While medical information is stored and accessible for specialists and doctors across the board, it can be a harder task for citizens to have their own information on file. Having the print option for an online doctor referral will allow each patient to have their own hardcopy at home and place them inside their own filing department on the premises. For those who are running their own accounting or need to refer back to their treatments and services, this feature will be beneficial.


Remaining With Trusted Doctor Despite Distance

For constituents who have developed a trusted relationship with their GP over many years, there are some reservations about seeing a different doctor for the first time. The ability to use an online doctor referral will allow for that relationship to continue should there be a need to send for a work certificate or an updated prescription. They will have an intimate knowledge of their patient’s condition, removing the need to fill in a new GP on their past history.


The online doctor referral is not a document that can be used and abused. These are for confidential use and only when officially authorised by a certified medical professional. However, in the appropriate circumstances, these referrals provide convenient access for citizens who would otherwise struggle to find the time and make the appropriate travel arrangements to see their specialist.